Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017

Galleries from our previous trip to Buenos Aires.

After flying a total of 13 hours with a five hour layover in Dallas, Texas, we arrived in the morning and stayed at a lovely hotel called Patios de San Telmo in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires.  

Since we’d already visited Buenos Aires our main plan was to spend the night and embark on our 15 day cruise the following day.

Since Argentina claims to have the best steak in the world, our only plan was to find steak dinner. One restaurant in particular called La Brigada came highly recommended in San Telmo.  We didn’t factor in the “summer effect”.  January is their summer, it’s miserably hot and the restaurant was closed because the owners were on vacation. 

So plan B was the six block rule. Find a restaurant outside of the main tourist area past six blocks or more.  Those restaurants cater to locals for the most part.  We ended up at a place that looked like a family restaurant and had the best steak ever!

We’d seen shows on Buenos Aires and how the city turns in “dead zone” where the locals scurry out to the south.  Because of the miserable weather hotel rooms are discounted and tourists from around the world take advantage of these deals.

A bike rider in San Telmo

A kitty cat hangs out by a window in San Telmo.


22 days in South America 2017


Our 15 day cruise itinerary.

One of our dream trips was to go on a cruise in South America. We’d been to several countries but due to time restraints we never had the time to take off for so long.  We finally had the time and committed to our trip.  The plan was to consolidate a 15-day cruise from Buenos Aires, Argentina, sail around Cape Horn to Valparaiso, Chili, spending one night in Buenos Aires, one night in Valparaiso and the final 3 nights in Santiago. We flew into Buenos Aires, Argentina and out of Santiago.

Cruisers take photos as the ship sets sail from Buenos Aires to Monte Video, Uruguay.

 Galleries from our previous trips in South America

Media requesting your social media photos or videos in exchange for “credit”

Is it ok to let media outlets use photos or videos from your social media posts? 

Whenever I see a news story with a video or photo crediting your “handle” from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I cringe. I start thinking about that poor kitty stuck behind the third rail in a New York City subway station. 

I was visiting family and had plans to lunch at the Carnagie Deli and the rest of the day in Central Park.  Take the uptown E train from Canal street station to 5th Ave.  

When I reached the uptown platform I saw a huge crowd gathered around the first car of an E train that stopped while approaching the platform. Dozens of Smartphones video taping something.  I had no idea what it was just that it was clear my trip would be delayed.  For the first time ever, I decided to join the crowd and video. It was either that or Candy Crush.

Growing up in New York during the 70’s and 80’s it was a different time.  Rats, bums, the smell of urine and the constant lookout for pick pockets or getting mugged. How times have changed, no rats, security camera, cops everywhere. There’s no chance anyone would take out a smartphone, if there was such a thing, and film this unknown event. But here we were.

I walked slowly maneuvering  through the crowd to get the “scoop”.  When I got closer, I could hear people asking for info. I and kept hearing “there’s a cat over there”and “no f-ing way” “get the f-outta here” “aww, poor kitty”.  Sure enough there was a terrified black kitty cat frozen behind the third rail. 

Passengers were evacuated and after 45 minutes the third rail was shut down. Finally, I videotaped the rescue with a happy ending.  

I uploaded a 30 second clip and posted it on my Facebook and Twitter pages. The caption read  “#NYPD are awesome.  A cat rescue from the third rail at Canal st.E train within 20 feet. 45 min later Fluffy was saved!” 

3 hours later I got a phone call from a reporter with a news website who saw the video on Twitter and asked if they could use it “we don’t have a budget for videos or photos but we can give you credit”. I was a bit apprehensive but if Quest Imagery would be in the byline, I’d agree.

The reporter gave me credit but at the end of his story and not with the video that they uploaded to their YouTube account. 

But because the byline was on his copy and not embedded on the video, each time it was shared, there was no credit. And then some newspapers just took the video with permission from that organization and not me. 

I called the reporter to explain my concern and he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him it was copyright infringement and to delete the video immediately. His response was “I don’t know how to do that” and “what’s the big deal anyway”and added “nobody else complains”.  I asked to speak to his boss.

An hour went by and his boss called me and begged. I explained that sharing my video on their YouTube account was not agreed and is copyright infringement. I agreed to let them keep the video on their site if they delete theirs and re-upload  it from my YouTube account. Every website that shared the video from their account also disappeared.  

I thought this was such a stupid feel good animal video until I started to get phone calls from television stations asking to use the video for their evening newscasts. The phone calls always began with “we don’t have a budget for photos or videos but we can give you a HUGE credit.” I was skeptical about the “HUGE credit” but I thought why not, my website being promoted in prime time would be kind of cool.

The whole thing was totally bizarre, aggravating but best of all, a learning experience on how to not get ripped off unless you want something out of it. 

Here’s a link to the New York Post, one of the news organizations that used the video without a credit or permission.  NY cat rescue video 

Here’s the link from my YouTube account Cat Rescue

Below is a framegrab from one of the TV stations newscast.

Switching blogs

We’re starting over switching from an older Blog site due to the lack of compatibility with various digital platforms.  When we started blogging it was a huge endeavor chronicilizing our trips since 2009 when we started Quest Imagery and fell behind.  This is a new beginning!

Since 2009 we spent many trips to the Carribean, Europe and the Americas traveling on a budget. All of our Carribean trips are on cruises.  For some reason Carribean cruises are the cheapest and average $50-80 per night. We’ll be featuring our travels with interesting side trips and suggestions.  The added photo is from Ghent, Belgium.