Quito, Ecuador 

Images from around town on day 2 of our Ecuador trip, May 18, 2017

Leaving Atlanta for Quito, Ecuador 

Finally boarded the plane for Quito only to be stuck on the tarmac for an extra hour.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking” said the pilot ten minutes into our wait. “We can’t take off until the airport finds the proper paperwork needed for this departure that we filled out and gave to them”..”until then we have to wait on the tarmac because all gates are full”. We wait……

Twenty minutes later we saw the pilot open the window and toss out a bunch of papers to the ground.  …”the airport people found the paperwork so we should be leaving shortly” dot, dot, dot.

And we’re off!

10 hour layover in Atlanta 

Sometimes great airfares include an aggravation factor like long layovers, this trip was no exception.  10 hours in Atlanta for an evening flight to Quito, Ecuador.  Because of this, we usually factor in the cost of a day pass to the Airline’s club. We flew Delta and they had a great place including a quiet room.

Hanging out in the Quiet Room.